Picnic 13 #: Medieval Picnic at the Historic Fort Wayne!

Sunday July 12th at the Historic Fort Wayne 12:00pm

11028025_1690103257880081_8204108432955374968_n What’s better than a summer visit to Fort Wayne?
A visit to Fort Wayne on “Medieval Day” of course!

Join us for an afternoon romp around Historic Fort Wayne, where we’ll explore the site, indulge in whatever weirdness “Medieval Day” has to offer, play some lawn games, and eat snacks.

Note that admission to the Fort is free, but they do charge $5.00 per car for on-site parking. We’ll be biking from Hubbard Farms at 11:30am, let us know if you’d like to meet up for the ride there, otherwise, X marks the spot on the map below for where we’ll meet at noon.

Don’t forget to bring:
– A snack or beverage
– A picnic blanket
– A lawn game if you have one

Picnic # 11: International Tug Boat Race!

Saturday June 20th 12:00-2:00pm
1 Rosa Parks Blvd

Join us at the foot of Rosa Parks Boulevard for this year’s International Tug Boat Race—a Detroit River tradition since 1949! To be followed by snacking and explorations of the riverfront. The race begins at 1:00 at the Ambassador Bridge and heads east. Don’t be late—tug boats travel quickly when they aren’t tugging anything.
  • A cocktail or refreshing beverage or snack to share
  • A picnic blanket or chair
  • This picnic location would be perfect for kite flying or lawn games, bring if ya got em!
For the most current information check the Facebook invite

Traffic Chorus

Wednesday May 20th at 7PM – 8PM

at the Traffic Island at the intersection of I-75 + M8

maptextApproach from the Northwest and use the train bridge to cross the highway. Watch for trains.

Join us for an exercise in machine mimicry as we vocalize in the tones and textures of the passing traffic. The chorus will begin at 7:25 and will last for 10 minutes. This is a relaxed exercise we will do together (no singing skills necessary, only a pair of ears and a mouth). The chorus will be preceded by a ten minute silent listening period. Michael Collino will be recording the sounds of the traffic and the sounds of our creation onto magnetic tape.

7:00-7:15 Gather

7:15-7:25 Silent observation

7:25-7:40 Traffic Chorus

Lemonade will be provided.
Approach from the Northwest and use the train bridge to cross the highway (refer to map for help).

Traffica Island

Friday May 1st (6 PM – Sunset) at the Traffic Island at the intersection of I-75 + M8

Approach from the North West and use the train bridge to cross the highway. 

Look both ways for trains before crossing.

Join us for our first picnic of the summer! We will meet at the crest of a grassy hill in a gyre of concrete and automobiles in motion. Atop this picturesque hill we will enjoy a sunset picnic and conduct a meditative vocal experiment.

Bring: (optional, but enthusiastically encouraged)

  • A picnic blanket
  • A personal picnic or items to share
  • A safety vest if you have one



Images from Picnics in the Polar Vortex


Afghan Fortress, Dan DeMaggio



Quiet in the Flowers: Photos by Bridget Quinn and Timothy Boscarino / arrangements by Sara Milner and Bridget Quinn


Detail from “Detroit Toolkit” by Jacqui Au


Circular Commute: Photos by Jula Osten and Bridget Quinn/ Screenshot from Social Life of Small Urban Spaces


Human Geology: Photos by Lauren & Ryan Harroun and Bridget Quinn / Event Score by Joey Landis / Assemblage by Caitlin Drinkard and Bridget Quinn / found objects


The Shape of the Flora: Photo by Trisha Holt / Photograms by Megan Major


Handmade Paper from Meg Heeres’s Invasive paper project.



Birdwatching in the Barricades: Photos by Bridget Quinn and Lauren Harroun / google satellite images



Picnic Map by Timothy Boscarino


Picnic Map by Timothy Boscarino


Library containing books contributed by members of Picnic Club and videos made by Augusta Morrison, Jula Osten and Emily Gustufson.