Please Join us!

We post all our invites on this blog and facebook. We also have an email newsletter!

Picnic in the Clouds   April 2016

Transmission from an Invisible Island  February 2016

Cider Mill/Cemetery Outing    November 2015

Beautiful Trespass    October 2015

End of Summer; International Picnic   September 2015

Creative Anachronism at the Historic Fort Wayne  July 2015 

Park Hotel Implosion  July 2015

International Tug Boat Races   June 2015

Traffica Island  May 2015

Picnics in the Polar Vortex   January-February 2015

Picnic in the Fortress of Unseen Places + Blanket Drive   December 2014

Separate in Space together in Time   November 2014

Time Travel at the Aquarium   September 2014

Social Life of Small Urban Spaces   September 2014

Circular Commute   September 2014

Quiet in the flowers   August 2014

A Human Geology   June 2014

The Shape of the Flora   May 2014

Birdwatching in the Barricades   April 2014


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